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Summer is a grand ole time and I never tire of finding new ways of avoiding heating the kitchen. Sometimes, I’ll be honest, that means not cooking altogether. But other times it’s just about finding recipes that don’t require heat. This one fits the bill.

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Shrimp Salad

This shrimp salad is just so easy and tasty I’m not sure why I haven’t shared this with you sooner. I tend to make it in the summertime because it requires nothing to be heated and I like to avoid making the kitchen hot if it doesn’t need to be in the summer.

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Salmon Salad

Remember a while back we made that Baked Lemon Pepper Salmon? Did you have any leftovers? Yeah, I didn’t either. Which just goes to show you that you need to buy more when you’re cooking because leftovers are a good thing! They aren’t just good because they are yummy to eat again the next day, […]

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