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Gluten Free Matzo Ball Soup

Well, the world has come a long way since my husband’s Great-grandmother was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 100 years ago (or thereabouts, I don’t now the exact date). In those days the only way to go gluten free was to simply stop eating breads, cookies, cakes, or anything that was made with wheat, barley, rye, […]

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Cookies: Egg Yolk

  Boys and girls we need to have a talk about something important… we need to talk about chametz. Every year on Passover I again struggle with what to serve. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not Jewish and Adam is as secular as they come. We don’t sweep the house clear of chametz and I think […]

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Matzo Crack

Last year on Passover my comrade-in-arms, Susan, and her husband and daughter came to our Seder. She brought with her a bag of mazto crackers that had caramelized sugar and salt on them. Never having had this particular concoction before I smiled, said thank you, and went to plate them to put them out for […]

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Gefilte Fish

Yep, you heard me: Gefilte Fish. I suspect that my readers are more worldly than I am and that the idea of a light, fresh, and delicious gefilte fish is neither strange nor novel. I, however, spent most of my life with my only exposure to this being the horrifying gray floating globs in jars […]

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Matzo Brei

So Passover begins in less than a week and so begins “Passover Week” here on the blog! We’ll go through the different foods you’ll find on our Seder table this year and throw in some other fun, “Passover-friendly” foods. I’m not Jewish and Adam is as secular as they come in his approach to his […]

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Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo ball soup is iconic. It’s also delicious. There is a restaurant near where my old office in NYC is called Eisenberg’s. The whole place is probably about 12 feet wide and 30 feet deep. It’s got a counter and basically nothing else. Well, I mean it’s got food. Good food at that. Their tuna […]

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