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Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

Admit it, there’s nothing more inviting than homemade bread. I mean there is a special hominess to a house smelling of freshly baked bread. Now, I admit that I’m new to this whole gluten-free lifestyle, but in my short time doing intensive research and furious blog reading it seems like a common thread that sandwich bread is a tough nut to crack, so to speak. There are some store bought brands, like Schar’s, that once toasted or used in grilled cheese or cut up for a recipe are good, but… well… when you want a sandwich on soft chewy bread you start to feel a little bit deprived.

My mother got a bread maker years ago. Apparently, she used it a lot at first, but then it sat in the bottom of her pantry closet for several years. She gave it to me a few weeks ago when I began my “gluten free bread quest”. I’m grateful. Let’s be honest though, it’s old. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy settings on it, in fact, it seems to be jammed in the setting for “medium crust darkness” but surprisingly it’s still just fine. Actually, it’s more than fine; the bread was delicious. And I mean actually delicious not just tolerable.

One of the tips I’ve gleaned is that you have to bake gluten free bread less long than regular bread. I set the bread maker to a fast bake setting that is finished in 80 minutes. It turned out wonderfully. Soft and chewy, in short, perfect for sandwiches. I’ve started buying cold cuts again. The best part is that at the end of the week, when it’s gotten a bit stale, it makes fantastic french toast!

There are two varieties I’m partial to at the moment. The first is (once again) a Bob’s Red Mill product. Super good. The second comes from the brand Gluten Free Pantry. It had a slightly different moisture level and a different rise, but not only did I enjoy sandwiches on both the kids ate cinnamon toast and didn’t complain once. ‘Nuf said.

Either way, whether you have problems with gluten or not, do yourself a favor and get a bread maker… you’ll be glad you did. I promise.