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Pancake Success

There have been a few serious challenges in this gluten free adventure and one has been finding a pancake that will satisfy the whole family. There have been more than a few attempts and each one was a failure. Some were too sweet, some too flat, some tasted too much like beans, some the texture was all wrong, and some… well… I can’t even tell what was wrong with them, but they just weren’t right. I was about to give up.

I’ve noticed that every grocery store and health food store I go to seems to have a different set of gluten free products on the shelves. I don’t think I would have found this mix if not for my mother-in-law because it she found it at her grocery store, five hours away from where we live. Once again, hooray for Bob’s Red Mill.

This morning we finally had a pancake breakfast we all could enjoy. What a relief.