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Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Before December gets fully underway and we are all swept away by the undertow of Christmas and Hanukkah I have to do a simple little racap of Thanksgiving and the mass of dishes on our menu each year we were thankful to discover are gluten free to begin with:

And, of course, those items that were easily made gluten free with the swapping in of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Baking Mix:

And finally, the products we bought as posted on Monday.

The stuffing probably could be made gluten free without too much difficulty. But, the recipe calls for 12 slices of bread which made it daunting since I’d yet to find a GF bread The Boy would eat (I had to agree they were all pretty mediocre). But my mother-in-law discovered a brand of GF bread that was so tasty the rest of the household was eating it right along with The Boy (who, incidentally, ate three slices toasted with butter at lunch one day).

My mother-in-law and I decided after the fact that swapping this in for the standard white bread toast in the stuffing recipe is a no-brainer and we’ll do it next year. Of course, it’s a sacred family recipe and I just hope my mother-in-law’s deceased Italian grandmother let’s the blasphemy slide for the sake of her great-great-grandchild. Thanks Granny!