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Weekly Weigh-In Week 9

Brief post this week. I found the wagon! Yea!!! It was dinged up pretty badly. And while I was able to get the wheels back on it’s currently functioning a bit like that grocery cart you get stuck with where all the wheels don’t go in the same direction. It moves, but in a herky-jerky fashion and your not sure when it’s going to just stop. What they hell am I even talking about, you ask?

I had a really bad week two weeks ago which, as always, made my food a mess. The rough week culminated in a lunch that consisted of a loaf of bread, a stick of butter, and a chocolate bar. It was a proud moment.

So after skipping that weigh-in I attempted to right the ship for this past week. The pattern that developed was that mornings and early afternoons went well and I was able to stick to my food plan, eating healthfully and happily. But by late afternoon the whole plan would go out the window and I’d be eating the kids’ leftover after-school snacks, the scraps off their dinner plates, and then find myself doing late night scrounging in the kitchen.

The upshot of these two weeks is that I’ve gained 2 pounds. Now, if you can tolerate some rationalization, I’m not so bummed because it could have been so much worse. It’s almost exactly the amount necessary to scare me without demoralizing me.

So, that’s where we are and hopefully we’re headed back two the land of loss but in the meantime is good to be grateful for a little stability.