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Weekly Weigh-In Week 7

I read once a few years ago that people who weigh themselves everyday are more likely to be able to maintain their weight or to lose weight. It makes sense; you have the opportunity to catch small unwanted weight gains early then getting rid of those pounds is easier. But, for me, that would never ever work. My daily weight fluctuations have always been big and anything from not enough water to not enough sleep can make the scale swing and it’s frankly discouraging. Weighing-in once a week has always seemed more reasonable to me. You can still catch weigh gain early but it’s easier to not get caught up every day in the potential mind game of the number. As of, this morning though, I’m thinking that every other week has merit too!

As I posted last week, I didn’t do a weigh-in last week because after eating a lot of catered food at a party the night before, I woke up on my weigh-in day with bloated and swollen fingers. I was wary of getting on the scale and seeing something that would make me feel disappointed even though it probably wasn’t real. So, I made the choice to skip the weigh-in. As the week progressed I found myself “slipping” here and there which made me doubt that it had been a good idea to skip the weigh-in. Maybe, if I had seen the scale it would have motivated me better? Of course, I put “slipping” in quotes because I wasn’t doing anything egregious like eating batches of raw cookie dough, but my food journal was showing that I was eating a few more calories each day than before and I had made a couple of low-fat and low-calorie desserts to enjoy. (Just wait for the nearly fat-free plum crisp recipe!)

I stepped on the scale this morning hoping for a loss but preparing myself emotionally for breaking even. I got on and off the scale three times in a row this morning just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. But it doesn’t seem to be a fluke. Somehow, in the past 2 weeks I’ve managed to lose 5.5 pounds. This puts me at 14 pounds down in 7 weeks. That’s works out to a healthy 1-2 pounds per week and I must confess to starting to feel a little bit proud of myself. I can also confess that my jeans are a little bit looser!

So, what exactly have I don’t differently this past week? Three things come to mind. The first is that I’ve eaten about 150 calories more each day than I was before. It’s not much, but I think it’s helped my head and body to not feel deprived and therefore more willing to get rid of the unneeded weight. Second, is that I’ve been drinking tea every morning and on several nights this week. It’s helping me keep up my water intake which dropped off for a while due to the craziness of our new family schedules.

Third, and probably most importantly, my husband was away on business this week and I had four nights this week where I was eating alone. How does this impact things? Well my husband usually gets home late enough that if we want to eat dinner together it has to be at about 8:30pm. While he’s been away I’ve been eating my dinner with the kids at about 6pm. I’ve been a little hungry around bed time all week but it’s felt good. It feels as though my body has had the chance to digest and use it’s fuel before I go to sleep.

Once again I’m reminded that moderation in all things is good. It’s pretty clear that staying focused, eating good tasting healthy food, and being nice to myself is the best formula for success.