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Weekly Weigh-In Week 6

I hate to disappoint, but I have no news from this week’s weigh-in. The reason? I didn’t weigh myself this week. “What, what, what?” you say… here’s the simple story: I went to a party the night before I was supposed to weigh-in and the food at the party was catered. I certainly didn’t over-indulge, but I certainly didn’t starve myself either. I went and acted (and ate) like a normal, non-dieting, person. The next morning, my fingers were swollen from the sodium that must have been in the food. Clearly, my body was no longer used to it. After feeling apprehension about what the scale would say I decided the best course of action would simply be to skip a weigh-in this week.

Let’s face it, I’m in this for the long haul and this is not some immediate gratification crash diet nonsense. Weighing-in and possibly discovering that I’d gained a pound or two would have made me frustrated, which I don’t need. I get enough frustration from a particular 3 year old who never puts on his pajamas unless he’s been wrestled to the ground first. Besides, I’m looking for long term behavior change here which includes generally reduced portion sizes, lower calories, lower fat, and great taste. These extra pounds aren’t going to go away overnight and making myself feel disappointed isn’t going to help me stick with my plan.

I’m also not going to stick with a healthier lifestyle for the long haul if I push myself when I’m too tired or make myself feel bad when I slip up. That will just make me resent the whole darn project which leads to a rebound… frankly, I’m done with that yo-yo ride. I’ve been pushed to my physical and emotional limits this week by life and so I took the past two days “off” from the diet plan. This wasn’t a vacation from sensible eating and there were no binges or general craziness with food; I just didn’t count every calorie or every fat gram for a couple of days to give my brain a rest. Most importantly, I got some sleep.

The result of all this is that there was no weigh-in this week. I’m back at it as of this post “going to press” and we’ll see how things go this week. In the meanwhile, tune in all week for more great recipes.