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Ice Cream Week!

We’re in the heart of the summer and so it’s time to take a moment out of the frivolity of the season to discuss something serious. Very. Serious. Our topic for today is complex, multi-layered, and deeply personal. Today we’re going to talk about… You. You and your relationship to ice-cream; you and your relationship to kitchen appliances; you and why you deserve better in both arenas. The doctor is “in”.

Last summer something happened that changed my life profoundly for the better, and you need to know about it, because it can change yours too. Just hear me out because by the end I hope that you will realize that you too, need to own an ice-cream maker. I know what you’ll say, “They’re too expensive,” or “They take up too much space,” or “I could never remember to pre-freeze the bucket,” or “I’ve seen your ice-cream recipes, they’re too complicated with having to cook eggs on the stove,” or “Who can eat enough ice-cream to justify that? It’s too fattening!”

Well, I’m here to tell you that we can fix that on all counts… except maybe that they are really big… they are… but they are worth it. This is not a worthless kitchen gadget that will just collect dust. When I tell you that I made 5 batches of 5 different kinds of ice-cream in an afternoon would you be surprised? You wouldn’t be if you had ever worked with this fantastic machine.

There’s no bucket to pre-freeze, it has a compressor that will freeze as it churns so you don’t have to think 24 hours ahead for ice-cream making plans. While the ice-creams I make in the winter tend to be richer and creamier (technically speaking they’re frozen custards because of the eggs in them) the summer months bring about a longing for fresh fruits turned into light frozen treats. Best of all, you can make your own ice-cream with 2% milk and you’ll cut out so much of the fat, and lose nothing noticeable in terms of richness that you’ll be shocked. In fact, the flavor of homemade ice-cream is much more complex, full bodied, and as Adam has observed, the flavors come in waves. It’s awesome.

So, in honor of summer, ice-cream, your right to healthy homemade frozen treats (and did you know July is National Ice-Cream Month?!) we’re kicking off “Ice-cream Week” here on the blog. Tune in each day for a new recipe. At which point you will realize that you need an ice-cream maker, so you can go from the thought of, “Gee, it might be nice to have some ice-cream,” to eating homemade ice-cream in little more time than it would take to go to the store and back.  Really, people, this is a no-brainer.