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Bacon and Potato Soup

Remember I mentioned that you could save the leftovers from the twice baked potatoes and make something delicious? Well, here it is.

There’s not much of a great story to tell about this other than the simple fact that I’m really getting a bit crazy about not wasting leftovers. I find myself obsessively thinking about how to repurpose just about everything into something new and tasty.  With leftover twice baked potatoes and a package of bacon in the fridge it wasn’t too hard to figure out how to make something good happen here. Besides, spring was tantalizingly close and now it’s snowing again so a hearty, rib sticking, hot soup like this fits the bill perfectly.


Bacon and Potato Soup

2.5 cups left over twice-baked potatoes
Skin from one whole baked potato
1 cup stock
5 strips bacon, chopped
3 grinds black pepper

In a frying pan brown the bacon until it’s crispy. Remove it from the pan and set it aside for later.

In a small soup pot warm up the leftover potato (minus the skin) and smash it apart with a fork. Add in the cup of stock and use a large whisk to combine them. Add in the black pepper grinds. Bring it to a simmer to heat through completely.

Before serving chop the potato skin and bacon into small bits and stir them into the soup.

Serves 2.