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Cookies: Chocolate Center Sandwich

Ok, so I admit that I was holding out on you… I made these a while ago. Was I afraid you’d get bored if I did another post so soon on these butter cookies that are so ridiculously good and versatile? Yes. But aren’t they worthy of another blog post? Yes. Does one tire of new ways to combine butter, sugar, and chocolate? No. So there. You forgive me, right?

If you made the raspberry jam cookies at Valentine’s Day then you know how well these cookies compliment other flavors. They are like the wingman of the cookie world. Make these and you know your centerpiece flavor has “Goose” flying right behind it. Although, I admit chocolate rarely needs a wingman, but this cookie’s subtlety makes for a really nice combination in this cookie.

Once again, I’m using the Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate chips in this cookie because in addition to tasting very good they are also free of the top seven food allergens. This makes them very appealing to me as I often need to make things for my children’s school which is not only a “peanut free zone” but each of the kids’ classrooms have children with other food allergies like corn and soy.  Given that these chips actually taste good they are an excellent alternative if you have any concerns about the needs of whomever you are feeding.

Chocolate Centered Sandwich Cookies

1/2 batch of the basic butter cookie recipe

1 bag semi-sweet chocolate morsels

Prepare the dough, roll it out, and bake as I suggested in the raspberry jam cookie recipe. You can use any cookie cutter you’d like (I used a flower shape) making sure that it is a small one. Mine was about 1 inch in diameter.

Once the cookies have cooled divide them in half and place the first half flat side up on the counter.

In a saucepan melt the chocolate chips over a very low heat. Once it is melted you can remove it from the heat so it doesn’t burn but you may need to warm it again periodically if it starts to harden while you work.

Using a butter knife dollop each cookie with a dab of melted chocolate. Working quickly, add another cookie (flat side to flat side) to the cookie with the chocolate on it. Gently press them together so the chocolate spreads. Cool before serving.