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Making Changes

So, we’re a month out from New Year’s. How are those resolutions coming? Remember, I didn’t make any, right? I skipped right over the idea of resolutions and went straight to revolution!

After 2 months of blogging about food and working out with a personal trainer I can report that I have, in fact gained 3 pounds. The 15 pounds of “baby weight” left over from my, now almost 3 year old, “baby” are as entrenched as ever and it’s the middle of winter so there has been an inevitable “pack on the pounds” fiesta on my waistline. So, it’s starting to look as though resolutions might have been a bit smarter.

Except, they aren’t really. “Why”, you ask? Well, because when we make resolutions they tend to be made for the wrong reasons, thought about the wrong way, and executed the wrong way. Don’t you love knowing you are wrong? I know I do!

But seriously, it’s true. We set up unrealistic goals for ourselves without giving ourselves a secure foundation on which to execute them. This is a recipe for disaster, frustration, and reduced self-esteem.

I came across a great slide show called Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change… and How You Can Fix Them. It’s pretty compelling stuff and as someone who’s studied this stuff professionally as well as personally lived it, they all ring true to me. (For those of you who don’t know me can you guess what I do in “real life”?)

So, if your resolutions didn’t pan out give it a gander. I confess it’s been one of the inspirations for my weekly pledge posts. Small changes that are meant to last work better than the crazy voices of desperation that I hear when I step on the scale and it’s gone in the “wrong” direction. They go something like this: “Well, I just won’t eat anything except raw vegetables and water until these 3 pounds are gone. Wait, why stop at 3? Don’t eat anything but raw vegetables and water until all 18 pounds are gone! You’ll be in swimsuit shape by Presidents’ Day! Of course, past experience indicates that this plan will, at best, last for a day and a half until I snap and start foraging for cookies in my kids’ lunch boxes. Ooooh, cookies, we’re running low, I should make a batch. Ooooh, and I have that ice-cream in the freezer I bet I could make some awesome fancy homemade ice-cream sandwiches. Hmmm, did someone say cheese?”

And that’s how things usually run. I’m lucky if it all just stays in my head and doesn’t actually get acted out over the course of the next few days.  Ok, perhaps I’m sharing too much, but I bet some of you can relate to this if you’re honest. So, I’m back to small changes. I did much better last week on my water intake (there was only one day I didn’t make my allotment) so I’m giving myself this week to get used to the new routine and then we’re moving on to the next small change.

Tune in Super Bowl Sunday for my “Super Pledge”! Ack, see now I’ve gone an committed myself!

In the meantime, take a look at the Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change… and How You Can Fix Them slide show. Hope it helps!