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Torture by Delight

My awesome friend Susan, of Blotal Recall fame, makes one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten: Bacon cashew caramel corn. Yes, you heard me right. Bacon. Cashew. Caramel. Corn. It’s bliss, in a bag. And see, she brought me some yesterday… and I ate some. So did Adam. But there’s some left… and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. But I just started with a personal trainer to work on the 15 pounds of “baby-weight” that periodically gets added to or taken away from but always returns even though The Boy is pushing 3. But it’s sooooo goooooooood.

So this goes through my head:

It’s bacon (alarm bells sound in the distance ‘cus, well, there’s some fat in there, right?) and then there are cashews (alarm bells getting louder, but wait, should they? Nuts are healthy fat, right?!) and then caramel (oh crap, now we’re talking about fat AND sugar? There’s no way out of this dilemma.) Wait, but it’s popcorn! (Popcorn isn’t so bad; no fat!)  There is where I choose to focus and I’m putting in earplugs in to block out those alarm bells. Because it’s just so good. And I went for a run this morning and then did yoga. So there.

So, no recipe of my own today, just the above link to Susan’s bliss, because misery loves company!